Gun Crazy: A Woman From Nowhere

Saki (Ryoko Yonekura) is a beautiful and mysterious gunslinger on the trail of Tojo, the most vicious crime boss in Japan. The police won’t arrest Tojo, and the military refuse to go near him, but in this dangerous game of cat and mouse, Saki knows you don’t send a man to do a woman’s job. Think of this movie as a modern Japanese take on a classic “spaghetti Western.”

 Title:  Gun Crazy: A Woman From Nowhere
 Year:  2002
 Country:  Japan
 Director:  Atsushi Muroga
 Actors:  Ryoko Yonekura, Shingo Tsurum
 Takeshi Yamato, Shun Sugata
 Language:  Japanese, English
 Subtitles:  English
 Runtime:  70 Minutes
 Rating:  NR
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