Gun Crazy: Beyond The Law

Yuki is an idealistic young lawyer who’s finding out that law and justice are not always hand in hand. When she confronts a client with their criminal ties and discovers that her firm has been party to the deception, Yuki finds herself looking down the losing end of a barrel. That is until a mysterious hit man named Takita intervenes leaving Yuki to redefine her idea of justice. Seeking Takita’s guidance, she forms a dangerous alliance that will lead her into a world of crime and vigilante payback. But when tables turn, the only things Yuki has to lose are the ones she loves. Will Yuki turn on her masters? Or is she too far down a road of no return? Either way justice will be served.
Title: Gun Crazy: Beyond The Law
Year: 2004
Country: Japan
Director: Atsushi Muroga
Actors: Rei Kikukawa, Shingo Tsurumi
Takeshi Yamato, Shun Sugata
Language: Japanese, English
Subtitles: English
Runtime: 70 Minutes
Rating: NR
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