Oh! My Zombie Mermaid

Comedy, horror and wrestling combine in this fight fest starring real-life wrestler Shinya Hashimoto as Kouta, a grappler who finds his mansion in shambles and his wife transformed into a zombie mermaid following a housewarming party gone awry. Needing cash to fix his home — and his beloved — Kouta holds a multistage death match on live television, taking on everyone from a kung fu expert to a chandelier-wielding maniac.
Oh! My Zombie Mermaid
 Year: 2004
 Country: Japanese
 Directors: Naoki Kudo, Terry Ito
Urara Awata, Sonin,  April HunterShinya Hashimoto,  Shiro Sano,  Nicholas Pettas
 Language: Japanese
 Subtitles: English
 Runtime: 100  Minutes
 Rating: UR – Content is appropriate only for an adult audience.

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