Ghost Train

Erika Sawajiri, Chinatsu Wakatsuki and Shun Oguri co-star in this spooky sci-fi thriller based on the urban legend of the haunted train. High schooler Nana has plenty on her plate already — including a sick mother and a looming graduation — when her younger sister disappears. Desperate to find her, Nana and her friend Kanae encounter a series of bizarre phenomena during their search — including a female spirit who inhabits the train platform.
 Title  Ghost Train
 Year  2006
 Country  Japan
 Director  Takeshi Furusawa
 Actors  Erika SawajiriAya Sugimoto,
 Shun OguriMiyoko Asada
 Language  Japanese
 Subtitle  English
 Runtime  90 Minutes
 Rating  NR

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