Magnificent Warriors

 Starring Michelle Yeoh, the explosive leading lady of multi-Oscar-winning sensation Crouching Tigers, Hidden Dragon and box-office smash-hit Tomorrow Never Dies. Magnificent Warriors combines hard-hitting fight action, dynamic camera-work and ultra-slick editing to deliver a lightning-paced tribute to the Indiana Jones movies.

Directed by acclaimed cinematographer David Chiang, famous for his work on Once Upon A Time In China and Sammo Hung’s Painted Faces. Magnificent Warriors showcases Michelle Yeoh as a daring aviatrix and mercenary soldier, who intervenes in characteristically explosive fashion, to oust the expansionist Japanese army from a remote mountain village during World War Two.

 Title Magnificent Warriors
 Year  1987
 Country  Hong Kong
 Director  David Chung
 Actors  Michelle YeohMa WuRichard Ng
 Lowell Lo, Tung-Shing Yee
 Language  Mandarin, Cantonese
 Subtitles  Chinese, English, Japanese, Thai
 Korean, Bahasa, Vietnamese
 Runtime  92 Minutes
 Rating  R

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