Magnificent Butcher

Hailed as one of the greatest kung-fu movies of all time, MAGNIFICENT BUTCHER is a powerhouse of martial arts action starring Hong Kong legend Sammo Hung (‘Martial Law’-hit TV series) and directed by Yuen Woo-ping who brought his highly inventive fight choreography to blockbuster hits ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Tiger’ and ‘The Matrix’. A student at Master Wong Fei-hung’s martial arts academy, chubby and likeable butcher Lam Sai-wing (Sammo Hung) constantly lands in trouble – no more so than when he comes to the rescue of Kao Da-hoi (Yuen Biao) the son of Master Ko (Lee Hoi-san) who heads opposing kung-fu school the Five Dragons. The good-hearted Sai-wing never suspects that Da-hoi is plotting against him by orchestrating a series of events to frame Sai-wing for the murder of Da-hoi half-sister. Hot for vengeance and to clear his good name, Sai-wing first faces off against Da-hoi, leading to the ultimate martial arts showdown when Sammo Hung launches his ‘five animals’ against Lee Hoi-san’s ‘five elements’ kung-fu style!
 Title Magnificent Butcher
 Year  1979
 Country China/Hong Kong
 Director Woo-ping Yuen
 Actors  Sammo HungYuen Biao, Wei Pai, Kwan Tak Hing
 Language English, Cantonese, Mandarin
 Subtitles  English
 Runtime  130 Minutes
 Rating  PG

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