Zu Warriors

From the legendary martial arts choreographer of The Matrix and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and acclaimed director of Black Mask comes ZU Warriors, the fast-action fantasy about an incredible fight for freedom against the ultimate evil! High in the clouds of China lies the Zu Mountain range, home to the immortal martial arts clans. But these mountains also attract a powerful fearsome demon, whose plan for total domination includes the annihilation of the clans! Now the seemingly unstoppable demon is targeting the Omei clan, which must join forces with the other Zu Warriors in the ultimate battle to save the world!
 Title Zu Warriors
 Year  2001
 Country  China / Hong Kong
 Director  Hark Tsui
 Actors  Louis KooCecila Cheung
 Ziyi ZhangSammo Hung
 Language  English
 Subtitles  Spanish
 Runtime  80 Minutes
 Rating  PG-13

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