Yo-Yo Sexy Girl Cop

Sexy high schooler Saki works undercover as a yo-yo-wielding agent for the Japanese government. But as she investigates a prostitution ring at school, her see-through underwear — part of her undercover “uniform” — makes her a laughingstock. The only classmates who show her compassion are Takuya, a boy whose attention distracts her from her job, and Asuka, whose involvement in the prostitution ring leads to murder.
 Title:  Yo-Yo Sexy Girl Cop
 Year:  2006
 Country:  Japan
 Director:  Daigo Udagaw
 Actors: Mihiro, Sho Nishino, Rio Nakamura
 Language:  Japanese
 Subtitles:  English
 Runtime:  75 Minutes
 Rating:  NR
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