Wild Zero

Dastardly aliens are invading our planet making the dead rise from their graves to feed on the flesh of the living!!! When wannabe rocker, ACE unwittingly saves his rock’n’roll superstar heroes, GUITAR WOLF, from a backstage shootout with the maniacal CAPTAIN, he has the honors of becoming their blood brother. Which is lucky because with a town full of voracious zombies and the Captain on the lookout for revenge, ACE NEEDS ALL THE HELP HE CAN GET!!! Answering Ace’s distress call from a special whistle, the super group charge in with guns and guitars a blazing! With the help from YAMAZAKI, a sexy arms dealer and TOBIO, a girl who is more than she appears, the ground is soon awash with blood and guts  as the ROCK’N”ROLL HALEYS COMET explodes into action!!!
Title: Wild Zero
Year: 1999
Country Japan
Director: Tetsuro Takeuchi
Actors: Shiro Namiki, Kwancharu Shitichai, Masashi Endo, Makoto Inamiya, Guitar Wolf, Drum Wolf, Bass Wolf, Masao Sato 
Naruka Nakajo, Yoshiyuki Morishita
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English
Run Time: 97 Minutes
Rating: NR

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