From writer/producer LUC BESSON – the legendary action filmmaker behind such adrenaline-pumping classics as The Professional and The Fifth Elements comes this hilarious high-impact adventure starring Jean Reno (Godzilla, Mission Impossible) as a burly French cop traveling to Japan to settle an  old debt.
With his old-school tactics and pit-bull disposition, police detective Hurbert Fiorentini (Reno) is all business. But his routine existence is disrupted when he learns the only woman he ever loved is dead. Summoned to Tokyo to settle her estate, he soon suspects her death was no accident. When he discovers that he is the father of her spirited teenaged daughter, things get complicated.
 Title: Wasabi
 Year:  2001
 Country:  French / Japanese
 Director:  Gerard Krawczyk
 Actors:  Jean RenoRyoko Hirosue
 Carol Bouquet, Yoshi Oida
 Language:  French, English
 Subtitles:  English
 Runtime:  94 Minutes
 Rating:  R

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