Virgins From Hell

A chaste all-girl biker gang vows vengeance on the drug lord that did them wrong in this kinky Asian exploitation film. The gang goes after Mr. Tiger for selling drugs to kids, but instead, he gains the upper hand and holds the biker chicks captive, using them as guinea pigs in his aphrodisiac experiments conducted with the help of his sadistic lesbian associate. But Mr. Tiger soon learns he’s no match for the virginal vigilantes.
 Title  Virgins From Hell
 Year  1987
 Country  Indonesia
 Director  Ackyl Anwari
 Actors  Nina Anwar, Yetty Lourens, Uckie Kastro, Leily Sagita
 Language  English
 Subtitles  None
 Runtime  94 Minutes
 Rating  NR

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