Elite Intelligence becomes a deadly weapon when former undercover agent, T (Sang-Min Park) unwittingly becomes the sacrificial bait in a deadly agency operation and watches his government turn against him. Determined to exact revenge, T takes a crowded subway hostage and threatens to exact one of history’s deadliest acts of terrorism – taking the lives of 13 million civilians. As life and death hang in balance, the single greatest act of courage falls to Detective Jay, who must face off with T in the deadliest showdown.
 Title: Tube
 Year: 2003
 Country: Korea
 Director: Baek Woon-Hak
Doona Bae, Seok-hun Kim, Sang-min Park, Oh-jung Kwon
 Language: Korean, English, French
 Subtitles: English,Spanish, French
 Runtime: 116 Minutes
 Rating: R – Violence and language

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