The Monster

The gorgeous Shu Qi (The Transporter) is captivating in this horror film about a family whose perfect life crumbles around them. After a mysterious disappearance of her son, May (Shu Qi) is forced to confront the secret history of her new home and the evil that lurks ominously in every corner of the labyrinth-like apartment complex. THE MONSTER is a breathlessly frightening, emotionally charged horror drama that reveals how deceptive the illusion of perfect bliss can be.
 Title  The Monster  (Aka: Home Sweet Home)
 Year  2005
 Country  China / Hong Kong
 Director  Pou-Soi Cheang
 Actors  Shu QiKar Yan LamAlex FongSuet Lam, Tam Chun Ho
 Language  English
 Country  English, Cantonese
 Runtime  92 Minutes
 Rating  NR

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