Tetsuo: The Iron Man

 Somewhere between a modern-day nightmare and a techno-fetishist’s ultimate fantasy, this extraordinary black and white film from Shinya Tsukamoto caused a sensation when it was first released, and spawned a companion piece, Tetsuo II: Body Hammer.

Concerning itself with a young man’s gradual mutation into a metal-being, the film takes a surreal journey into a dark and disturbing world where D.I.Y body transformations and post-human women with deadly robot arms form the fabric of a strange new reality.

Likened to the work of Lynch and Cronenberg, Tetsuo moulds explosive violence, bizarre sexual imagery and jet-black humor into a cinematic experience like you’ve never seen before.

 Title Tetsuo: The Iron Man
 Year 1989
 Country Japan
 Director Shinya Tsukamoto
 Actors Taguchi Tomorowo , Kei Fujiwara
 Nobu Kanaoko, Lia Nickson
 Language  Japanese
 Subtitles English
 Runtime  67 Minutes
 Rating NR

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