Sick Nurses

Hell hath no fury like a nurse scorned in this gruesome but witty horror story from Thailand. Dr. Tar is a charming but devious surgeon who has a profitable side business supplying black market dealers with fresh human organs for transplant. Dr. Tar’s staff of seven nubile nurses help him find a steady source of victims, but one of his aides, Tahwan, is shocked to find that her sister Nook is on the doctor’s list of upcoming cases, and threatens to turn him in to the police. Dr. Tar puts Tahwan under the knife to keep her quiet, and she conveniently dies during surgery. But a few days later, Dr. Tar is receiving an award for his work saving lives, the ghost of Tahwan begins stalking the halls of the hospital, seeking violent revenge against the doctor and her fellow nurses who failed to come to her rescue.
 Title Sick Nurses
 Year 2007
 Country  Thailand
 Director Piraphan Laoyont,
 Thatsapornl Siriwat
 Actors  Wichan Jarujinda, Chidjan Rujiphun
 Kanya Rattanapetch
 Language  Thai, English
 Subtitles  English
 Runtime  82 Minutes
 Rating  NR

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