Royal Warriors

Action goddess Michelle Yeoh (SUPERCOP, THE HEROIC TRIO, TOMMORROW NEVER DIES) stars with balladic grace in this literally nonstop auctioneer, the first in the popular policewoman series known as IN THE LINE OF DUTY. When a Hong Kong policewoman (Yeoh), a Japanese Interpol agent (Henry Sanada) and an air security officer (Michael Wong, from John Woo’s ONCE UPON A THIEF) botch a plane hijacking attempt by a militia fanatic, his veteran friends vow revenge. In order to stop the terrorist attacks and also to save their own lives, the three heroes must team up once again to fight their gun-totting adversaries. Filled with spectacular fights and dangerous stunts, ROYAL WARRIORS is a definitive staple in Hong Kong Action Cinema.
Title: Royal Warriors
Year: 1986
Country: Hong Kong
Director: Chung Chi Man
Actors: Michelle YeohYing Bai, Michael Wong
Language: Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean, English 
Subtitles: English, Chinese
Run Time: 92 Minutes
Rating: R

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