Rica 2: Lonely Wanderer

When one of her friends goes missing after a nearby ship sinks under baffling circumstances, sultry martial arts gangster Rica (Rika Aoki) goes on a lethal rampage against violent underworld thugs to locate her pal. But as the bodies start to pile up — some by Rica’s hand, others by mysterious assassins — Rica realizes the conspiracy may run deeper than she expected. Kô Nakahira directs this sexploitation action-thriller from Japan.
 Title Rica 2: Lonely Wanderer
 Year 1973
 Country Japan
 Director  Ko Nakahira
 Actors  Rika Aoki, Kunio Yoshida
 Ryunosuke Minegishi, Mizuho Suzuki
 Language Japanese
 Subtitle English
 Runtime 83 Minutes
 Rating  NR

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