Zero Woman Red Handcuffs

Category: Pink Films

When police officer Rei (Miki Sugimoto) shoots a suspect and ends up in prison, the authorities offer her a deal: Stay in the joint, or become an unofficial enforcer back on the streets. Her first job is to foil a kidnapping plot and rescue the daughter of a presidential candidate. In the process, she manages to eliminate the tough lady mobster who runs the gang and become their new leader in this ultraviolent Japanese exploitation thriller. 


 Title Zero Woman Red Handcuffs 
 Year 1974 
 Country Japan 
 Director Yukio Noda 
 Actors Miki SugimotoYoko Mihara
  Tetsuro TambaHideo Murota
 Language Japanese 
 Subtitles English 
 Runtime 88 Minutes 
 Rating NR