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The Master

Kung Fu legend Jet Li (The One, Romeo Must Die) steps up and takes charge in this endlessly hard-hitting tale of nonstop action and revenge! In an ongoing battle for supremacy, a revered Kung Fu guru is rivaled by his American-born adversary, a disgruntled ex-student. But when this formidable foe begins terrorizing the Master’s schools, the old teacher calls on Li to lead an incredible group of former students from Hong Kong in a bid to seek retribution! Jet Li’s The Master delivers all the unstoppable martial arts action you demand!

 Title  The Master 
 Year  1989
 Country  Hong Kong / U.S.
 Director  Hark Tsui
 Actors  Jet Li, Crystal Kwok
   George Cheung, Steven Ho
 Language  Cantonese, English
 Subtitles  English
 Runtime  88 Minutes
 Rating  R