Snake Woman's Curse

Category: Pink Films

When a wealthy landlord causes the death of a poor farmer, enslaves the man's wife and daughter, and then kills a snake the wife was protecting, he unleashes the serpent's curse. Before long, the landlord finds himself being driven mad by deathly spirits as terrible misfortune rains down on his family -- including his son, whose young bride starts growing scales and green skin in this film from Japanese horror auteur Nobuo Nakagawa.

 Title Snake Woman's Curse 
 Year 1968 
 Country  Japan
 Director Nobuo Nakagawa 
 Actors  Akemi Negishi, Seizaburo Kawazu
   Kunio Murai, Ko Nishimura
 Language  Japanese
 Subtitles  English
 Runtime  85 Minutes
 Rating NR