Legends of the Poisonous Seductress Vol. 2: Quick Draw Okatsu

Junko Miyazono returns as Okastu for the second installment of the Poisonous Seductress series. This time, she unleashes her female fury on the assailants who raped her and the assistant who killed her father. Joined by young swordsman Rui, Okatsu embarks on a blood-soaked path of revenge that leads to the corrupt local magistrate. With stylized, painterly action, this is a textbook example of the pinky violence genre.
 Title  Quick Draw Okatsu
 Year  1969
 Country  Japan
 Director  Nobuo Nakagawa
 Actors  Junko Miyazono, Reiko Onobuta, Yuriko Mishima
 Language  Japanese
 Subtitles  English
 Runtime  89 Minutes
 Rating  NR
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