Legendary Assassin

After a lone drifter (Jacky Wu) helps her capture four fugitives, a beautiful cop (Celina Jade) on a Hong Kong island befriends the mysterious young man, only to later discover he’s an assassin on the run for murdering a drug lord. Torn between her emerging feelings for her new friend and her duty to the law, the officer soon finds herself caught in a maelstrom of violence as vicious criminals besiege her island.
 Title: Legenday Assassin
 Year: 2008
 Country: Hong Kong
 Director: Chung Chi Li
Jacky Wu, Celina Jade, Kara Hui, Man-Wai Chow,  Zhan-Wen Keu
 Language: Cantonese, English
 Subtitles: English, Spanish
 Runtime: 89 Minutes
 Rating: R – Violence and brief sexuality

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