Latitude Zero

 When a volcanic eruption threatens a submarine full of Japanese scientists, the passengers are brought to safety by the valiant Capt. McKenzie (Joseph Cotten), who transports them to a utopian underwater city. But when one of the scientists is kidnapped by the evil Dr. Malic (Cesar Romero), the recovery efforts bring the rescuers up against giant rats, a flying lion and more in this swashbuckling adventure from Godzilla director Ishirô Honda.
 Title Latitude Zero
 Year 1969
 Country  Japan
 Director  Ishiro Honda
 Actors  Akira TakaradaMasumi Okada
 Cesar RomeroJoseph Cotten
 Language  Japanese / English
 Subtitles  English
 Runtime  105 Minutes
 Rating  NR

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