Jackie Chan’s First Strike

In post-Soviet Russia, nothing is as it seems. When members of the Russian Mafia pose as KGB agents to steal a nuclear missile, the CIA calls on martial arts master Jackie Chan to stop them. Jackie treks the globe – from icy glaciers of the Ukraine to the pristine beaches of Australia – traveling by submarines, stilts and snowboards, encountering man-eating sharks and heart-stopping beauties. In the air, on the ground and underwater the stunts are real! There are no stand-ins! No stunt doubles! Chan’s authentic action and hilarious heroics make JACKIE CHAN’S FIRST STRIKE one of the most exciting, fun and unique film experiences you’ll ever have.
 Title Jackie Chan’s First Strike
 Yrea 1997
 Country China / Hong Kong
 Director Stanley Tong
 Actors Jackie Chan, Chen Chun Wu , Jackson Lu, Annie Wu
 Language English, French
 Subtitles English, Spanish,
 Runtime 84 Minutes
 Rating PG-13

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