On a serene paradise island, untouched by modern technology, a dark secret lies undisturbed for centuries. Then a greedy land developer begins his plan to turn the sleepy island into the largest amusement park in the world. He sends a group of scientists to the island and they stumble across appears to be a baby dinosaur. Opposing the terrified natives who ask them not to disturb their God, Gappa, the crew brings their new find back with them to Tokyo, and all hell breaks loose!
 Title  Gappa
 Year  1967
 Country  Japan
 Director  Haruyasu Noguchi
 Actors  Tatsuya Fuji, Yuji Okada, Koji Wada
 Tomio Kawji, Yoko Yamamoto
 Language  Japanese, English
 Subtitles  English
 Runtime  90 Minutes
 Ratings  NR

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