Double Vision

A wealthy businessman is discovered frozen to death at the desk of his office; a woman has been burnt beyond recognition though there are no signs of fire anywhere in her home;a priest has been found disemboweled in his bed with no visible signs of struggle. Helpless to solve these baffling murders, the Taiwanese Police have called on the help of the FBI and their top serial killer profiler. Now, two men from opposite sides of the world must work together to solve the most baffling case either of them has ever known.
Featuring stunning performances from DAVID MORSE (from THE GREEN MILE), TONY LEUNG (from THE LOVER) and the nerve-rattling chills of films like THE RING, DOUBLE VISION is a powerful film experience and one of the finest thrillers you will ever see.
 Title Double Vision 
 Year  2002
 Country  Taiwan
 Director  Kuo-fu Chen
 Actors  Tony LeungDavid Morse
 Rene LiuSihung Lung
 Language  English, Mandarin, French, Portuguese
 Subtitles  English, Spanish,French,Portuguese
 Runtime  110 Minutes
 Rating  R 

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