Cool Dimension: Innocent Assassin

Haunted by a long-lost childhood memory, a beautiful assassin tries to escape her dangerous career in this action-packed thriller. From the time she was a child, Shiori was forced to be a trained killer, but when she recalls a suppressed memory, the femme fatale decides to leave the only life she’s ever known. Now, she’s ready to face the future, but how many more will she have to kill to escape the past? Yoko Mitsuya and Mitsuho Otani star.
 Title: Cool Dimension: Innocent Assassin
 Year: 2006
 Country: Japan
 Director: Kenji Tanigaki
Yoko Mitsuya, Mitsuho Ohtani, Mika Shigeizumi
 Language: Japanese
 Subtitles: English
 Runtime: 76  Minutes
 Rating: NR


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