Bullets Of Love

Leon Lai (Wong Wai’s FALLEN ANGELS) and Japanese Starlet Asaka Seto are the leads in this visually arresting action thriller directed by Andrew Lau (THE STORM RIDERS, THE DUEL). Serious Crime Unit member Sam (Lai) and his prosecutor fiancé (Seto) travel to Paris to celebrate their latest win in a case. But during their trip Ann was assassinated by the group that she prosecuted. Crushed by Ann’s death, Sam leaves the force for a secluded life. He eventually meets and fall in love with You (Seto again), a Japanese girl who is a dead ringer for Ann. But when Sam accidentally discover tha You is Ann’s killer, he must choose whether to give You his love, or his bullets of revenge.
 Title: Bullets of Love
 Year: 2001
 Country: Hong Kong
 Director: Wai-keung Lau
Asaka Seto, Leon Lai, Terence Yin, Richard Sun, Wai-Man Chan
 Language: Cantonese
 Subtitles: English
 Runtime: 107 Minutes
 Rating: NR

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