A Tale Of Two Sisters

Following the death of their mother, sisters Su-mi and Su-yeon are sent to convalesce in a mental hospital. When they are released, they are greeted by their father and taken home. Once there, it becomes obvious that this isn’t the wholesome family unit that the girls’ new step mother wishes it was.

On their first night home disturbing and seemingly unexplainable events – footsteps on the stairs, doors opening of their own accord – begin to occur, and strange hallucinations plague the family. It soon becomes impossible to tell weather it is the sisters’ unstable mental health, the cruel mind games played by the step mother, or the dark presence of a supernatural force which is at work within the house.

Stylish and shocking, this visually arresting tale of a family secrets and uncertain realities is based on traditional Korean folk tale. Guaranteed to have you gasping for breath with each successive scare, you’ll be kept guessing until the very end of this unique and brilliant film.

 Title A Tale Of Two Sisters
 Year  2004
 Country Korea
 Director Kim Ji-woon
 Actors Guen-yeong MunSu-jeong Lim
Yeom Jeong-ahKap-su Kim
 Language  Korean
 Subtitles  English, Spanish
 Runtime 115 Minutes
 Rating  NR

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