Tokyo 10+01

Category: Comedy

Spoofing the 2000 sci-fi thriller Battle Royale, this tongue-in-cheek action flick opens in the year
A.D. 2XXX, when 11 criminals awake to find themselves in an abandoned warehouse, poised to fight
for survival in a very sinister game. The winner will take home 300 million yen and a chance to start
a new life ... but with snipers armed with laser guns lurking around every corner, the losers will be
lucky just to make it out alive.

 Title Tokyo 10+01 
 Year 2003 
 Country Japan 
 Director Higuchinsky 
 Actors Masanobu AndoNatsuki Kato, Miki Waterhouse, Aya Waterhouse 
 Language Japanese 
 Subtitles English 
 Runtime 70 Minutes 
 Rating NR