Red Wolf

Following the tragic death of his wife, a top undercover police-office, played by
Jackie Chan protégé Kenny Ho, resigns from the force to take up a position as a
chief security officer on a luxury cruise liner. When the ship falls victim to a
sophisticated terrorist sting operation, instigated by the men under his command,
he must use his formidable martial arts skills to beat the odds and keep himself
and the other passengers alive! Electrifying stunts and red-hot fight action featuring
two of Hong Kong’s battling babes,Christy Chung and Elaine Lui.

 Title  Red Wolf 
 Year  1995 
 Country  China / Hong Kong 
 Director  Woo-ping Yuen 
 Actors   Christy Chung, Elaine Lui, Kenny Ho, Sing Ngai, Cheung-Yan Yeun
 Language  Cantonese, English 
 Subtitles English 
 Runtime  90 Minutes 
 Rating  NR