Deadly Outlaw Rekka

Following the death of his boss, Kunisada embarks upon a journey of revenge
against the rival gang who ordered the hit. However, all is not how it seems as
Kunisada uncovers the truth behind the shady deals that exist within his own
clan. Pursued by two hit men Kunisada finds himself both the hunter and the
hunted, as cross and double cross lead to murder, mayhem and a bazooka!

 Title  Deadly Outlaw Rekka 
 Year  2002 
 Country  Japan 
 Director  Takashi Miike 
 Actors  Riki Takeuchi, Sonny Chiba , Yuya Uchida, Tetsuro Tamba
 Language  Japanese 
 Subtitles  English 
 Runtime  96 Minutes 
 Rating  NR