The Story of Ricky

In the not-so-distant future, overburdened national budgets have forced the privatization of most government institutions. Even prisons have become franchised, commercial ventures… When mild-mannered Ricky takes revenge on the drug-pushing thugs who killed his girlfriend, he is sentenced to an ultra maximum-security prison. Within the prison walls lies a penitentiary like no other, run by a host of evil characters, including a sadistic warden, his assistant and The Gang of Four, a group of powerful fighters who control their fellow inmates through terror and ultimately death! But when he witnesses the brutality first hand, Ricky takes matters into his own hands, ferociously busting through (literally!) cruel prison guards and bullying inmates. It’s only a matter of time before Ricky is granted saint-like status among the humble inmates. Fearing an uprising, the wicked warden sends his thugs to finish our hero once and for all! The vengeful Ricky brutally disembowels, demolishes, devastates and destroys his opponents from start to finish without mercy, ending in one of the bloodiest battles ever committed to celluloid!

 Title The Story of Ricky (Riki-Oh) 
 Year  1991
 Country  China/Hong Kong
 Director  Ngai Kai-Lam
 Actors  Fan Siu Wong, Yukari Oshima, Gloria Yip, Tetsuro Tamba
 Language  English, Cantonese, Mandarin
 Subtitles  English, Chinese
 Runtime  90 Minutes
 Rating  NR