Onechanbara:Samurai Bikini Squad

Inspired by the video game phenomenon, this live-action epic follows Aya, a sexy antihero clad in only a bikini and a cowboy hat. In a not-too-distant future in which the world copes with ravenous zombies, Aya makes time for a personal mission. Between decapitations of the ubiquitous undead, Aya and her sidekicks, Katsuji and Reika, search for Aya's father's killer, for whom Aya has planned a special form of revenge.


 Title Onechanbara: Samurai Bikini Squad
 Year 2008 
 Country Japan 
 Director Yohei Fukuda 
 Actors Eri Otoguro, Taro Suwa, Manami Hashimoto, Sari Kurauchi
 Language Japanese
 Subtitles English
 Runtime 86 Minutes 
 Rating NR 
 IMDB Ranking 8.1/10