Category: SciFi & Fantasy

In the distant future, war and peace walk side by side in the pseudo-utopian place called Jesus Town (formerly Jerusalem), ruled by a handsome, yet cruel seraphim named Girjev and his android companion, Mikhail, long for total peace. Sealed far from civilization a long time ago is an android, code named Hakaider. Since his memory is rusty, he does not know his true purpose. After his fight with Jesus Town bikers, Kaoru and her band of rebel find him. He goes insane yet again and starts to whip the rebels one by one, only to have them killed by more of Girjev's troops, all except Kaoru. Hakaider then regains his memory, thanks to Kaoru, whom he starts taking a liking to and promises to free Jesus Town from Girjev and Mikhail.


 Title  Hakaider
 Year 1995 
 Country Japan 
 Director Keita Amemiya 
 Actors  Yasuaki Honda, Yuij Kishimoto
   Hiroshi Matsumoto, Mai Hoshio
 Language  Japanese, English
 Subtitles English 
 Runtime 91 Minutes 
 Rating NR