Detectives Kim Mi Yun (Jung-ah Yeom) and Kang Tae Hyun (Jin-hee Ji) investigate a copycat serial killer in Jong-hyuk Lee's gruesome thriller. Police think they've got their man when Shin Hyun (Seung-woo Cho) confesses to the mutilation murders of six women. But the case is reopened a year later when more women are brutally killed in the same manner. The investigation stalls, the detectives become suspects, and the body count rises. …

 Title  H
 Year 2002 
 Country Korean 
 Director Jong-hyuk Lee 
 Actors  Jung-ah Yum,  Jin-hee Ji
   Ji-ru Sung, Seung-woo Cho
 Language  Korean
 Subtitles English, Spanish 
 Runtime  106 Minutes
 Rating  R