Girl Boss Revenge:Sukeban

Category: Pink Films

The Kanto Gypsies, a tough girl gang, hide out from the law in the middle of a disputed gang territory, where they end up getting kidnapped by sinister underworld thugs. After breaking free, the girls set their sights on one thing: revenge. Miki Sugimoto stars as girl boss Komasa, the ruthless and sadistic leader of the Kanto Gypsies who possesses more than enough brains to match her killer looks.

 Title Girl Boss Revenge: Sukeban 
 Year 1973 
 Country Japan 
 Director Norifumi Suzuki 
 Actors Miki Sugimoto, Misuzu Oota
   Rena Ichinose, Ryoko Ema
 Language  Japanese
 Subtitles English 
 Runtime 86 Minutes 
 Rating NR