Category: Dangerous Women

In this rousing sci-fi adventure, intergalactic bounty hunter Iria (Youko Morivama)
is on the hunt for rogue space alien Zeiram, who has escaped to Earth from the
planet Mays. When electricians Tepphei and Kamiya happen upon the gigantic
monster and inadvertently get trapped in an alternate dimension, Iria must save
the bumbling duo and capture the gruesome Zeiram before his army of
extraterrestrials destroys Earth.

 Title; Zeiram
 Year: 1991
 Country: Japan 
 Director: Keita Amemiva
 Actors: Youko Morivama, Yukijiro Hotaru, Kunihiro Ida
 Language: Japanese/English 
 Subtitles: English 
 Runtime: 100Minutes 
 Rating: NR