Category: SciFi & Fantasy

Tak Sakaguchi is Prisoner KSC2-303, a criminal who has just escaped from
a maximum-security prison. After he heads to the Forest of Resurrection to
rendezvous with some gangsters, KSC2-303's escape plan veers off course
when an argument with one of the gangsters leads to death. Worse still, 
KSC2-303 finds out the hard way that when you kill something in the Forest
of Resurrection, it doesn't stay dead!

 Title: Versus
 Year: 2000 
 Country: Japan 
 Director: Ryuhei Kitamura
 Actors: Tak Sakaguchi, Chieko Misaki
 Language: Japanese/English 
 Subtitles: English 
 Runtime: 120 Minutes 
 Rating: NR