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Gonin 2

Aging ironworks owner Toyama Masamichi  who owes a heap o' money to the yakuza -- embarks on a mission of vengeance after goons come to collect … and assault his wife when Masamichi can't pay. Little does he know that his quest will soon put him in league with five gun-toting babes who are also out to settle the score with the mobsters. Toshiyuki Nagashima  and Yumi Takigawa  co-star in this byzantine sequel to the 1995 thriller.

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 Title Gonin 2 
 Year 1996 
 Country Japan 
 Director Takashi Ishii 
 Actors Ken Ogata, Toshiyuki Nagashima, Yumi Takigawa, Chiaki Kuriyama
 Language Japanese/English 
 Subtitles  English
 Runtime 90 Minutes
 Rating NR