Female Demon Ohyaku

Category: Pink Films

 Junko Miyazano stars as Okatsu, a humble actress turned avenging seductress after she's set up and unjustly sent to prison. Sword in hand and trademark demon tattoo across her back, Okatsu is pushed to the limit on her quest for bloody vengeance. In this early classic of the Japanese exploitation genre known as pinku eiga, sex and violence intermix in a cruel opera of physical torture, despair and bloodletting.


 Title:  Female Demon Ohyaku
 Year:  1968
 Country:  Japan
 Director:  Yoshihiro Ishikawa
 Actors:  Junko Miyazano, Hosel Komatsu
   Tomisaburo Wakayama
 Language:  Japanese
 Subtitles:  English
 Runtime:  90 Minutes
 Rating:  NR
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