Cutie Honey

Category: Dangerous Women

Cutie Honey jumps from anime to live action in this full-throttle adventure
comedy based on Gô Nagai's classic manga character. When the evil Panther
Claw gang tries to steal the powerful I-System and take over the world, 
pink-clad superheroine Cutie Honey (Eriko Sato) steps in to save the universe. 
Mikako Ichikawa, Jun Murakami, Eisuke Sakai and Hairi Katagiri also star in this 
outrageously fun fantasy directed by Hideaki Anno

 TitleCutie Honey
 Year 2004
 Country Japan
 DirectorHideaki Anno
 ActorsEriko SatoMikako Ichikawa
Jun Murakami
 Language Japanese/English
 Subtitles English
 Runtime 93 Minutes
 Rating NR