Violent Cop

International superstar ‘Beat” Takeshi Kitano combines cool violence and powerful
emotions to reinvent the gangster film genre in his explosive and critically acclaimed
masterpiece “Violent Cop. ‘Beat’ Takeshi plays a renegade cop who is up to his neck
in Drugs and Organized Crime. Soon the “Violent Cop” has to face up to a sadistic and
ruthless Yakuza when his sister is kidnapped and drugged… 

Title: Violent Cop
Year: 2001
Country Japan
Director: Takeshi "Beat" Kitano
Actors: Takeshi "Beat" Kitano, Maiko Kawakami, Makoto Ashikawa,Shirô Sano                                 
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English
Run Time: 103 Minutes
Rating: NR