Gore From Outer Space

Category: Pink Films

Just before being lead to the electric chair for the murder of her daughter Misato,
Satomi tells her story to a nun. It began with no one believing Satomi’s story of the
kidnapping of her daughter. When the police are called in to investigate, Satomi’s
husband tells them they have no daughter.

This is just the beginning of this wild sci-fi sequel to CRAZY LIPS. During the
course of the tale, we are introduced to a psychic with headless minions, a dirty
politician, a house without a bathroom and two strange FBI agents that like jello.
Is Satomi crazy, is it all just the airing of some dark family secrets or is it visitors
from another planet here to take over Japan? Get ready for a wild ride - part
David Lynch, part X-Files with a dash of lunacy.

Title: Gore From Outer Space
Year: 2001
Country Japan
Director: Hirohisa Sasaki
Hitomi Miwa, Aimi Nakamura, Hiroshi Abe, Sadao Abe    
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English
Run Time: 90 Minutes
Rating: NR
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