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Baptism Of Blood

Sakura’s Mother Is Making Her Life A LIVING HELL.

Disfigured and half-mad, she rules her daughter’s life with an iron fist in the crumbling mansion that is their home. But when Sakura stumbles upon a mad scientist’s fiendish  machine, she discovers that her mother really is evil! For twenty years, she has concealed the ghastliest of schemes  to transplant her own brain into Sakura’s helpless body!

Title: Baptism Of Blood
Year: 1996
Country Japan
Directors: Kenichi Yoshihara
Actors: Rie Imamura, Risa Akikawa, Mie Yoshida, Chihiro Tago,Naoko Amihama 
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English
Run Time: 93 minutes
Rating: NR