Samurai Chicks

Category: Dangerous Women

On the southern islands of Japan lies the Orion Dancers Academy where girls learn to sing and dance… or so they’d like you to believe. Actually, the dance academy is a front for a school of female warriors-in-training. Disguised as singers and actresses in Tokyo, these girl warrior secret agents are out to gain independence from the island. Watching music videos encoded with hidden messages enables them to complete their missions. However, a sinister rival organization is out to thwart their mission at every turn. When the final confrontation arrives, the girls will have to put their exhausting training to the ultimate test.


 Title: Samurai Chicks
 Year: 2004
 Country: Japan
 Director: Mari Asato
Tomomi Miyashita, Megumi Shoji, Ayano Tachibana
 Language: japanese
 Subtitles: English
 Runtime: 72  Minutes
 Rating: NR