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Zero Woman: Assassin Lovers

 Rei is a woman without a past - without an identity. She’s a lethal undercover agent working for the Zero Department, a deadly shadow division of the police force. When painful memories of her father’s death begin to surface, she finds comfort in the arms of a fellow assassin. But the lucky gentleman’s next assignment is Rei herself, and the Zero Department is losing patience…
 Title:  Zero Woman: Assassin Lovers
 Year:  1996
 Country:  Japan
 Director:  Masahide Kuwabara
Kumiko Takeda, Keiji Matsuda, Tokuma Nishioka, Marie Jinno,  Mari Nishina, Miyuki Tanigawa
 Language: Japanese, English
 Subtitles: English
 Runtime: 87 Minutes
 Rating: NR

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