Sukeban Boy

Category: Pink Films

Sukeban takes after his tough biker father in all but one way: He looks like a sexy schoolgirl. After his appearance gets him expelled from yet another high school, his father dresses him in drag and sends him to an all-girl school. There, Sukeban's new classmates welcome him with humiliation classes, sex-inspired cliques and other bizarre traditions. Demo Tanaka and Kentaro Kishi star in this fetish-laced comedy based on the racy manga series.


 Title: Sukeban Boy (Oira Sukeban)
 Year: 2006
 Country: Japan
 Director: Noboru Iguchi
Asami, Kaori, Kentarô Kishi, Atsuko Miura, Miwa, Risa Mizuki, Emiru Momose
Hiroaki MurakamiKoichi Ohori, Demo Tanaka
 Language: Japanese: Dolby Digital 5.1
 Subtitles: English
 Runtime: 60 Minutes
 Rating: UR