La Blue Girl: Revenge of the Shikima Realm

Category: Pink Films


Miko has been training all her life for the inevitable day when the sex-starved Shikima Demons would invade
to subjugate the women of Earth with their lascivious tentacles. Now the barriers are breaking down and the 
people of Earth are in peril.

The demons won’t stop until they have insinuated themselves into every orifice available. Will the Shikima
demons make slaves of all of Miko’s friends? How can Miko Bido possibly defend against the wrath of an
entire dimensions?

 Title: La Blue Girl: Revenge of the Shikima Realm
 Year: 1994
 Country: Japan
 Director: Yô Kobayashi
Saya Hidaka ,Junko Asamiya, Momoko Nishida, Masato Gunji
 Subtitles: English
 Runtime: 73 Minutes
 Rating:  R