Enter Mask Of Kekko!

Category: Pink Films

Armed with her dream to become an anchorwoman, Mayumi enrolls in the prestigious Manglifon School for would-be broadcasters. But the school's teaching methods prove to be more than she bargained for, and she's soon covered in bruises as punishment for poor grades. With the help of a mysterious masked woman -- who wears little else -- called the Kekko Kamen, Mayumi sets out to take revenge on the teachers who beat her.

 Title: Enter Mask Of Kekko!
 Year: 2003
 Country: Japan
 Director: Takafumi Nagamine
Shino Saito, Juri Inahara, Hiromitsu Suzuki, Kenjiro Ishimaru
 Language: Japanese
 Subtitles: English
 Runtime: 70 Minutes
 Rating: NR